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Udupi imbroglio over trainees putting on hijab to class proceeds

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Udupi imbroglio over trainees putting on hijab to course proceeds

The conflict around pupils of a pre-university university in Karnataka’s Udupi putting on hijab to courses is still taking place. The conference to iron out the concern had fallen short to bring any type of final thought to the on-going controversy.The meeting between the pupils, moms and dads, federal government authorities and also the institution administration was supposed to solve the problem of the Hijab row. According to those who participated in the conference that happened on Wednesday, January 19, no verdict was reached.This issue has been going on since January 1 2022. The administration of the federal government pre-university college in the seaside community of Udupi barred six Muslim girls from participating in courses for using hijab as the outfit protested prescribed norms of the college.Masood Manna, State Board Member, Campus Front of India, in a series of tweets, first stated that,” Principal Rudra Gowda has actually called students along with parents to college as Aide Commissioner of Udupi District will certainly chair a conference to talk about the hijab problem. Yet, one more day of hope for students to obtain their constitutional right to put on hijab.”Principal Rudra Gowda has called pupils in addition to parents to university as Aide Commissioner of Udupi Dist will chair a conference to review concerning the hijab concern.



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