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Bengali writer Amar Mitra awarded O. Henry reward for 45 year old tale

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Bengali author Amar Mitra granted O. Henry prize for 45 year old tale

Bengali writer Amar Mitra was granted with this year’s O.Henry prize for a narrative he composed 45 years back. The narrative titled ‘Gaonburo’ is a Bengali short fiction created in 1977.

Mitra was born in Kolkata and is a popular writer of Bengali literary works. He spent some of his childhood years in districts of Bengal where he encountered the Adivasi society as well as their struggle. This is the background to Mitra’s acclaimed story.While speaking to India Today, Mitra claimed, “it’s a fantastic moment for me. When I composed this tale I didn’t recognize this might occur. Yet I think the tale has some ‘force’ in it, which is why a Mexican author who is younger than me loved this tale. An American editor liked it too.”

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Mr Mitra shares his ideas concerning his story which won the honor: “It’s a tale of an old guy that had lots of problems in his life. It’s a story of his trip. In fact, he was seeking an almighty who can give some remedy to his suffering and he failed to fulfill him.”

“It’s a political tale which suits today’s world. I think that is the reason the choice committee liked it so a lot”, he added.Mitra was awarded

the Sahitya Academy honor in 2006.(With inputs from Rithin, India Today )Published at Thu, 07 Apr 2022 16:48:39 -0400



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