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‘2021 is pulling out all the tricks’: Fish rain from the sky in rare phenomenon in Texas

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‘2021 is taking out all the techniques’: Fish rainfall from the sky in rare phenomenon in Texas

As 2021 ends, a city in Texas had one last unexpected occasion: drizzling fish.

Homeowners in Texarkana — nearly 200 miles from Dallas — saw fish fall from the skies on Wednesday and land in their lawns or walkways, KXXV reported.

“2021 is drawing out all the methods … consisting of raining fish in Texarkana today. And also no, this isn’t a joke,” The City of Texarkana wrote in a Facebook blog post.

The city said drizzling fish is a sensation called “animal rainfall” that happens when small water animals such as frogs, crabs or little fish are swept right into waterspouts that happen externally of the Earth.

James Audirsch informed WCIA he was operating at a used car dealership when he heard loud noises outside.

“There was a loud fracture of thunder and when we opened the bay door, I looked outdoors and it was raining real hard as well as a fish hit the ground,” he told the electrical outlet.

Another person published a video clip on Twitter captioned, “Yep. It rained fish at my house also.”

This isn’t the first time fish fell from the sky. In 2017, teachers and pupils at a primary school in Oroville, The golden state, reported seeing 100 fish arrive on the school’s play ground and roof, according to KTVU.

“While it’s unusual, it occurs, as confirmed in numerous places in Texarkana today,” the city of Texarkana wrote in the Facebook blog post. “And please, for everyone, let’s tiptoe right into 2022 as quietly as feasible.”

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